FAC Insurance | Car insurance in the Netherlands is not expensive
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Car insurance in the Netherlands is not expensive

Car insurance in the Netherlands is not expensive

Insurers wanted to know how the Netherlands does it in the field of
car insurance premiums. And what turns out: the premiums are lower here
than in Germany, France and especially England. “It’s about a first one
indication. And it is also for the consumer to know that the
car insurance here is not expensive, ” says  by Jan-Willem.

The CVS has submitted a comparable situation to insurers
four countries. It is based on the statutory WA insurance, which
only damages third parties. The WA insurance is mainly about the
to protect victims, to prevent who by a poor sloeber
It is not possible to receive compensation.

A man of twenty with a second hand car that owns 15,000 kilometers each year
wears out, in the Netherlands more than 1000 euros have been lost in his WA insurance. In
Germany is 1500 euros, in France 1700 and converted into England only
most preferably 3500.
A woman of forty with the maximum of non-life years that yearly
25,000 kilometers, is cheaper in Germany than in the Netherlands,
where she does not have to pay 200 euros. In England she gets out at 550
Premiums are calculated in the Netherlands based on the catalog value of the
car, age, residence and non-life years of the insured and the
Number of kilometers taken per year.

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